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Same Day ACH Phase 2 Testing

Begins July 11, 2017

As a follow-up to our April 18, 2017 communication regarding Same Day ACH Phase 2 testing, we are now providing additional information to support your institution’s testing efforts with FedACH® Services.

Your institution’s established testing window will be July 11-28, 2017. Customers can sign up for testing using the Same Day Test Request form. Testing will be supported Tuesday through Friday 9:00 a.m. ET to 5:00 p.m. ET with files being delivered on the days selected through the test request form. End-to-end testing, inclusive of accounting, will be available July 11, 12, 18 and 19. Detailed test scripts with information regarding timing of the test files can be found on the Same Day ACH Resource Center.

Participants are strongly encouraged to receive test files to validate back end processing. We also suggest that each institution validate its connectivity to the test environment in advance of planned testing.

Settlement information will be available through the FedLine Web® Settlement Summary and the FedLine Web/FedLine Advantage® Account Management Information (AMI) application for testing conducted on July 11, 12, 18 and 19. If you wish to test with accounting, please sign up accordingly. If your institution intends to use AMI for test validation, we recommend ensuring you have the appropriate credentials. As a reminder, please be aware that multiple FedACH Services customers will likely be testing at the same time, and, as a result, your institution’s settlement information may be impacted. If you receive a Financial Institution Reconcilement Data (FIRD) file, it will also be available in AMI during the testing window. To download your FIRD file via the AMI application, login to the Test AMI system and select the “Download Statements” link from the left side of the screen.

For questions regarding connectivity issues, please contact the Customer Contact Center (CCC) at (888) 881-6700 option 1. For questions regarding AMI credentials or FIRD credentials, please contact the CCC at (888) 333-7010. Additionally, customers can request a connectivity test in advance of same day testing.

The following documents can be found on the Same Day ACH Resource Center along with additional information regarding this project:

Please contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support at (877) 372-2457 with questions. We appreciate your commitment to the successful implementation of Same Day ACH Phase 2, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist in the process.

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