Faster Payments Town Hall Webinar

Recorded 5/2019

Faster Payments Town Hall Webinar

There’s nothing hotter in the payments space than “FASTER”.  Whether it’s the Faster Payments Task Force, the newly created Faster Payments Council, or the faster payments rail from the Clearing House called RTP (Real Time Payments) it’s all the buzz.  We also have Same-Day ACH, Zelle, and a myriad of other P-to-P solutions that claim they’re faster, from ApplePay and SamsungPay to Venmo and SquareCash.  Complicating matters even more, The Federal Reserve published a Request for Comment late last year on whether the Fed should offer a RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement System) and/or a Liquidity Management Tool. 

While we are waiting for the Fed’s next move.  Attend our Town Hall to hear the latest on all of these faster payment approaches as you consider what faster payments strategy you should build.

UMACHA is offering this unique opportunity to hear and discuss what's is happening on the Faster Payments Landscape. Let us give you the latest updates and allow you to ask questions of the experts!

Who Should Attend?

Qualifies for up to 1.0 AAP and APRP Continuing Education Credits Per Webinar

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