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The Building Blocks of the ACH File

Publisher: UMACHA

This replica of an ACH File is constructed completely with "colored building blocks". The ACH File consists of one file header record, one file control record, two complete batches and a 9-filler record. Within each record, a block represents a "field". Details on each block include "field name", the field inclusion requirement (Mandatory, Required or Optional) and number of [characters].

The first batch contains a PPD entry detail record with the Optional Addenda record. The second batch contains a POP entry detail record to demonstrate that field names, inclusion requirements and content "change" based on SEC Code. The file also comes complete with a "9-filler record" so that the ACH file is "blocked" (the 9-filler record is attached to a sturdy "base" so you can prominently display your ACH File). Also included is a "cheat sheet" which identifies, in visual detail, the complete "Building Blocks of an ACH File".

This "hands-on" learning tool is a MUST for all participants in ACH; Originators (to assist you in working with your programmers of your origination software), ODFIs (make available to help originating companies' format their ACH files), RDFIs, software vendors and individual candidates planning to sit for the AAP exam.

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