ACH Risk Assessments

If your organization is involved in ACH, an assessment of risk on all ACH receipt and origination activities is a requirement of the NACHA Operating Rules. You are also required to implement an ACH Risk Management Program on the basis of such an assessment, complying with the requirements of your regulators with respect to each. UMACHA has developed a comprehensive tool to help build your risk assessment. You can use the tool internally or UMACHA can come to your institution and complete the assessment.

UMACHA's On-Site ACH Risk Assessment Services

Let the professionals at UMACHA assist your organization's ACH Risk Assessment function and risk management program. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your assessment is complete and potential risks are identified, along with recommendations for controls to add to reduce risk.

For questions about the ACH Risk Assessment process, to request a quote for an on-site ACH Risk Assessment, or to schedule a UMACHA on-site compliance service, complete the UMACHA Compliance Services Request Form below.

UMACHA Compliance Services Request Form


ACH Risk Assessments Not Performed By UMACHA

To assist your internal auditor with completing a thorough review of your risks and controls, or to help your staff implement an ACH Risk Management Program, UMACHA offers consulting services and provides several webinars and in-person workshops throughout the year. UMACHA has also published resources to help your organization prepare for and/or complete your next ACH Risk Assessment.

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