Direct Access Registration

Direct Access Participant Registration Information

All Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs) must register their Direct Access status by either acknowledging a statement that they have no Direct Access Debit Participant relationships, or reporting Direct Access Debit Participant(s) and providing specific information about each relationship.

The Process is Easy

You’ll be asked to create a user name and password to establish credentials to enter your financial institution's Direct Access status registration. This individual will be the contact for your institution regarding Direct Access.

A confirmation email will be generated when registration is complete and is sent to the email address entered on the registration.

Users may log-in at any time to update contact information or Direct Access Debit Participant information.

Register Direct Access Status

Direct Access Tips

An ODFI does not need to register its Direct Access status annually.

The confirmation email received upon registration should be retained for all current and future audit purposes.

For ODFIs acknowledging that they have no Direct Access Debit Participants, no further action is required after registration until or unless the ODFI's Direct Access status changes.

ODFIs with Direct Access Debit Participant relationships are required to submit quarterly reporting subsequent to registration.

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