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Nacha Issues RFC & RFI on ACH Risk Management Topics

On May 2nd, 2023, Nacha issued a Request For Comment (RFC) and a Request For Information (RFI) related to ACH risk management topics.  The RFC contains a total of nine proposed amendments to the Nacha Operating Rules, and the RFI requests information on four additional ACH risk-related topics.

An RFC acts as a request made to the ACH Network by Nacha to provide comments on a proposed rule change or topic.  The proposed rule amendments in an RFC may or may not reach the balloting phase, and comments received by Nacha from the ACH Network on a proposed rule amendment may cause Nacha to further modify a proposed rule amendment.

An RFI acts as a request made to the ACH Network by Nacha to provide information on a topic.  RFIs do not include proposed rule amendments, but rather they allow Nacha to learn more about a particular topic/situation and to gain insight about the impact and industry appetite for a rule amendment in the future.

UMACHA encourages all members to review both the RFC and RFI and to submit input directly to Nacha using the Participant Survey.  UMACHA Members can access all information related to the recent RFC and RFI within the Compendium of Nacha Operating Rule Changes found within the Resource Library at

Additionally, Nacha has released a series of YouTube videos to help review the set of RFCs and RFIs.  Click here to view Nacha's playlist of videos related to the recent RFC and RFI.

Please let UMACHA know if you have any questions.