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FBI and AFP Reports Warn Business Email Compromise Remains a Threat

A recent Nacha blog spotlights the reports which show that fraudsters are still active and it is important to stay vigilant.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th

The purpose of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic, and...

Nacha Issues RFC & RFI on ACH Risk Management Topics

The Request For Comment (RFC) contains nine proposals to amend the Nacha Rules and the Request For Information (RFI) contains four risk management topics.

Breaking Down the FBI’s Latest IC3 Report

UMACHA’s Eric Wester digs into the FBI’s latest IC3 report and highlights important information regarding Business Email Compromise, ransomware, and call center fraud. Learn...

FDIC Issues Supervisory Guidance on Overdraft Fees

The FDIC issued supervisory guidance to bring awareness of the consumer compliance risks associated with assessing overdraft fees on a transaction that was authorized against a positive...

5 Reasons You Should Become an Accredited ACH Professional (“AAP”) in 2023

Learn why you should make 2023 the year to become an Accredited ACH Professional. Our AAP Exam Prep Series begins soon!

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Elder Financial Abuse and Vulnerable Adult Symposium (Virtual)

Vulnerable adults continue to be exploited through various forms of Elder Abuse, and financial institutions are in a position to help!  Join UMACHA in discussing Elder...

AAP Exam Prep Series

The AAP Exam Prep Series consists of access to five Blueprint webinars, ten Summer Series webinars, six open forum webinars, & our two-day virtual/in-person...

AAP Blueprint Series (5-Part Webinar Series)

You've made the decision to pursue your Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) certification. Are you asking the question, "now what?"  Let UMACHA help you build your very...

APRP Exam Prep Series

The APRP Exam Prep Series consists of access to two Blueprint webinars, 10 prep webinars, two open forum webinars, & our two-day virtual/in-person review...

Industry Insights (10-Part Webinar Series)

For this Members Only webinar series, UMACHA invites a variety of industry speakers to come share their unique perspectives and experiences with our membership.  On the second...

Fraud Fridays (6-Part Webinar Series)

Both old and new methods of financial crime continue to exist throughout the industry.  Join us for this six-part webinar series to learn all the latest on new scams affecting...

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