Patricia Kipka

Administrative Assistant

As a professional in the payments industry, Patricia loves the fact that there is always room for growth and new opportunities to further one's education while still being connected to the industry. The positive impact she hopes to have through her work is to be remembered as someone who is always willing to help by answering questions or directing others to the right resources. Her greatest strengths are her positive attitude and ability to work well with others. She believes the key to professional success is showing up every day with a present mind, ready to work towards achieving realistic, step-by-step goals within a set time frame.

One of the things she enjoys most about the payments industry is the constant evolution of new problems and solutions. Patricia finds it exciting to be a part of an industry that is always striving to improve. She feels fortunate to have a job that offers flexibility, allowing her to prioritize her family's needs.

When Patricia's not working, she loves spending time with her son; playing outside, watching a movie, or attending a tractor pull. 

Fun Fact: 

As a quadruplet, people are often surprised to learn that her sisters are all very different individuals, each with unique personalities.