Sara Hentges, AAP, APRP, NCP

Director of Compliance Services

Sara Hentges brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her Director of Compliance Services role. She is passionate about working for the good of the payments network. She believes that a better-educated industry means financial institutions have stronger risk and compliance programs. Her leadership, collaboration, regulatory compliance, and risk management skills have helped her to bring these values to UMACHA, resulting in a stronger compliance department.

One of the valuable lessons that Sara has learned in her career is that it is okay to be afraid to fail, you can learn the most from things that don't go as planned. She believes that continuing to have the passion to learn and grow is the key to professional success. Her favorite part of her job is the members and her peers – she loves connecting with fellow compliance nerds.

When she's not working, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs Bella and Ripley, and cat Harley. She trains her dogs, watches movies, cooks or gardens.

Fun Fact:

If Sara could have any superpower, it would be the ability to manipulate time.